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ASMPC clients benefit from Andrew's 26 years of clinical experience as a practicing chiropractor. He is personally involved in reviewing all pre-cert submissions in order to ensure proper documentation of the patient's history and assigning the most accurate diagnosis. This level of detail will result in a greater amount of authorized visits. Consequently, more visits will result in better patient outcomes and greater provider reimbursement.

Every company has a unique pre-certification process:

  • Oxford is managed by Optum.

  • Cigna is managed by ASH.

  • BCBS is managed by AIM.

  • AETNA has a review process through their CCR department.

  • United health Care requires prior notification for some OON policies.

ASMPC is well versed in the policy guidelines and limitations associated with the companies listed above, which results in successful pre-cert requests for their clients. 

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