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Fee Negotiation

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Fee negotiation is a relatively new development in the insurance industry. Many providers and third party billing companies lack the knowledge and experience to effectively manage this process, which results in lower reimbursements. 

Traditionally, claims will be submitted to an insurance company and within 30 days a provider will received a check. Within the past 2 years, insurance companies have developed new and inventive ways to limit provider reimbursement. Now, when bills are submitted to an insurance company, the claims are automatically re-routed to a third party repricer, who in turn attempts to negotiate lower fees with the provider in exchange for expedited payments. These companies include MultiPlan, Data ISight, MARS, ZELIS and HRGI. ASMPC will contact the representatives of these companies and fight for the highest reimbursement possible. Often ASMPC's negotiations will result in higher reimbursements than if the claim was processed in the traditional fashion. 

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