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ASM Practice Consultants LTD, manages and advises privately owned medical groups and healthcare professionals who are looking to maximize profits while providing the highest level of health care to their patients. ASMPC is not to be confused with a billing and collection company. We are the only consulting firm in the world that provides a one-stop shop for everything providers need to thrive in a highly complex health insurance environment. We are unique in that we offer the essential tools that a practice requires including patient insurance pre-verification, pre-certification, billing, collections, advice on general business practices and fee negotiation in the ever expanding insurance repricing environment.

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During his career as a practicing chiropractor, ASMPC President, Andrew Marcus, D.C. also managed the finances of a high volume multi-million dollar practice employing over 40 providers and administrators specializing in physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, sports medicine and pain management.


  Through his experience, he learned how to effectively navigate working with major insurance companies to maximize gross income, while maintaining patient relationships. Andrew was often contacted by CEO's and providers who sought his help, which led to the formation of ASM Practice Consultants in 2012.

His education and experience as a chiropractor ensures better communication with clients as opposed to typical billing companies that lack the personal experience of working in a practice setting. Andrew is able to spend one-on-one time with each provider and educate them on specific processes to help grow their business.


ASMPC functions as your virtual office, which allows your focus to be on patient care.


Business Services

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Students are not taught practice management in graduate school, nor is it their primary concern. How can practitioners expect to survive without the necessary tools to successfully manage their business? 
Andrew's chiropractic education offered only one business class, which he found to be woefully deficient. Fortunately, he had two mentors that taught him the basics of the insurance game. Over the next 2 decades, Andrew built on this foundation, which resulted in a unique methodology that is now
ASM Practice Consultants.
Our goal is to fight for every dollar so the provider can focus on patient care and their own work/life balance.
ASMPC is a team of seven experts who are trained in the following:



ASMPC offers an individual comprehensive understanding of your patient's policy details.



Andrew is personally involved in the review of all pre-cert requests prior to submission.


ASMPC reviews diagnosis and coding with each provider, for every patient. 



We will conduct an audit of provider documentation prior to submitting to insurance companies.  


ASMPC's collection rate on medical insurance claims is virtually 100% compared to the national average of 70%



We will fight with the third party re-pricers to get our providers maximum reimbursements. 

Most practices will farm out a portion of these services to consultants while retaining other services in-house. This will result in miscommunication, decreased efficiency and ultimately lost earnings. These six business services are interdependent and must function seamlessly for your business to be profitable. 
Pre-verification of patients' insurance benefits is vital in guaranteeing successful claim outcomes. This is why ASMPC has integrated insurance verification as the first step in the total management process. You cannot have accurate billing and successful collections without the necessary pre-certification, which directly relies on precise pre-verification.  
  The ASMPC philosophy was built on the premise that all six business services must be integrated under one roof to guarantee maximum results.
Our experts are the finest


"I've been working with ASMPC for 6 years now and can say that they are the most professional and dedicated team for medical billing. I always feel like they take care of this important part of my business and that leaves me to worry about the other things that need to be done. I know they work hard and get better results than anyone else in the field. I highly recommend their services."

-PJS, Owner/Physical Therapist

New York, New York

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18 E. 48th Street Suite 801​

New York, NY 10017


Office: (212) 421-1969 x112

Fax: (212) 223-0198

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